Shakambari Builders is reputed for honoring its commitments to customers whether PRE or POST sale.

Buy-Back Offer

In the event, a customer desires to dispose of the property; we buy it back.

Client Arrangement

We also liaise on behalf of the customer and arrange corporate and/or other clients to lease out their property. Due to our wide network in the area, we are always successful in securing the lease at very attractive rates.


Shakambari Builders is committed to make your home buying experience a very pleasant one. We take good care so that you do not make a mistake when buying a dream home with your lifetime savings. “Peace of mind” is what we want to gift to all our customers since we have a commitment to ensure your personal satisfaction. We have immense confidence in our work – our construction processes, designs, methodologies, materials used, staff hired, sub-contractor management and everything else that goes into building your dream home.

We offer a one-year Warranty on all our homes covering the following:

  1. Sanitary Fittings
    We provide Jaguar or equivalent  fittings by default. Any problem shall be attended to immediately for repair or replacement as deemed fit.
  2. Hardware
    All hardware fittings like door handles, hinges etc. are of premium quality. In case of any problem, defective fittings shall either be repaired or replaced.
  3. Electrical wiring, switches and MCBs/ELEB
    We use Premium quality wiring and excellent quality modular switches. Any problem shall be immediately rectified or the defective product replaced.
  4. Paint
    We offer premium quality paints. However, sometimes due to inappropriate application, if the paint peels-off, then we shall repaint the affected area.
  5. Plumbing & Sanitary lines
    All plumbing and sanitary lines & connections shall be repaired or replaced when a problem is detected.

Through this warranty, we aim to ensure that your property remains in premium condition for years to come. At the end of this wonderful and pleasant home buying experience, we want all our customers to say: “THANK YOU” for an excellent product and above all for the great support by offering us warranty on the building that we have purchased from you.”

Warranty excludes:

  1. Any damages caused due by acts of god/natural calamities/fire accidents.
  2. Any damages caused willfully or accidentally.
  3. Any damages caused due to tampering.
  4. Any product that has been supplied by a vendor of your choice.
  5. Any product that has been customized and executed by yourself.
  6. Normal wear and tear.
  7. Any damages resulting from power surges.